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We know bikes can be a bit hard to come by these days, fortunately we still have a variety of used options available for riders looking for some great deals. From toddlers to adults, we have used options for nearly every rider. All our used bikes have been profesionally tuned and have had any badly worn components replaced.

Used bikes do not come with any manufacturer's warranty. We guarantee our work done to these bikes to be free from defect for 30 days. All used bike sales are final.
Trek Jet 16
Lovingly used Trek 16, get your little one rolling with confidence on this well-built youth-tuned Trek kid's bike.
Trek Jet 20 S
Your young pilot is ready for takeoff on Trek's Jet 20 S. With cool moto styling, sturdy steel construction, and light aluminum wheels, it's a bike both you and your child will love. This great-riding bicycle comes with powerful hand and coaster brakes and chainguard too.
Trek Kickster
Balance is everything when you're learning how to ride, and Kickster is the perfect teaching tool for toddlers who are mastering this important skill. This kids' balance bike doesn't have pedals so balance is the only focus, plus it features a handle so you can support your little one while they get the hang of things. Kickster is ideal for kids who are roughly 34-40? tall.
Trek Mystic 20
Trek's Mystic 20 lets your little one have more fun than ever with a low-slung top tube for easy on/off and a hand and coaster brake for excellent control. The colorful paint and graphics add a nice touch of style and fun. It's made from durable steel and features tough wheels and tires for easy pedaling and excellent reliability.
Stromer ST1
• Built for Speed: Motor assistance up to 28 mph thanks to the Platinum's P48 speed hub drive. Excels at straightaways and has that impeccable Stromer feel. • Complete with Rack, Lights and Fenders: Includes all metal Stromer fenders, a rear rack, and front and rear lights. • Inter-Urban Chic: A sleek and powerful commuter ebike for the short and long haul. • Small Things Count For A Lot: Get the Swiss fit, finish, and attention to detail. Features a lightweight and rigid carbon fork. • Charge on the Go: A 500 Wh battery can be charged at home, while regenerative braking on the go ensures maximum range per charge (up to 55 miles per charge).
Specialized Hotrock 16 Coaster Girl's
Specialized's Girl's Hotrock 16 packs big-time fun into a pint-sized package. This great bike features a lightweight aluminum frame and fork that will withstand the bumps and jumps of neighborhood riding. With a comfortable saddle, wide tires, and coaster brake, this bike is a joy to ride and sturdy enough to pass down to a little sister, too.
Specialized Hotrock 20 Girl's Coaster
$125.00 $150.00 17% Off
Specialized's Girl's Hotrock 20 Coaster is an easy way for little kids to step up to big-time fun. It features an aluminum frame built to withstand the rigors of childhood bike riding and a rear hand brake to get her ready for bigger bikes down the road, while the coaster brake provides a familiar backup to facilitate the learning process. Plus, the Hotrock comes with fat, knobby tires for serious traction on all types of terrain, too.
Specialized Riprock Coaster 16
Specialized Riprock Coaster 16 riding gets boiled down to its simplest element—fun. And to make sure of it, we designed the bike with tons of cool features that are easy for your little ones to use, like a coaster brake for simple stopping, wide 16x2.3" tires that increase stability and confidence, and tough components that will stand up to years of abuse.
Schwinn Ranger 2.4 FS
$100.00 $125.00 20% Off
A mountain style frame, front Schwinn suspension fork, and 21 speeds make this a versatile bike for riding in varied terrain. Complete with a quick adjust seat post, to quickly adapt to riding conditions and rider height. Hit the trail and have some fun with friends or family. Schwinn makes riding simple easy and fun.
Novara Barrow
The Barrow cargo bike is made to easily transport loads with a built-in basket and rear rack. A workhorse with a sturdy frame and 24 gears, it makes gear-hauling errands a joy.
Liv Adore C/B 12
Her first two-wheeler. One of life’s great experiences, the colorful Adore makes it easy. A lightweight aluminum frame with a low stand-over height, 12-inch wheels, coaster brakes and fun colors make Adore the perfect riding companion for the driveway and beyond. This bike is fitted with an easy to use single-speed drive train and mini-rider settings. Designed for safety, stability, and comfortable pedaling. Complete with a bell that lets everyone know she’s on the move.
Huffy Puppy Love
The Huffy Puppy Love 18 inch Girl's BMX Bicycle is a great choice for the animal lover in your family. This bike features a curved steel frame, blue paint and it is decorated with all kinds of adorable doggie graphics! It also comes with front and rear handbrakes, reinforced training wheels, an accessory kit handlebar bag, puppy paws wheels inserts, and sparkling holographic streamers. BMX Bicycles are used for tricks, racing and stunts on hilly dirt tracks. Huffy Corporation manufactures mass-market bicycles. It was founded in 1887 when George P. Huffman purchased the Davis Sewing Machine Company and moved the factory to Ohio. Seven years later, in 1894, Huffman adapted the factory to manufacture bicycles. In 1949, Huffy became a common name after inventing training wheels for its Convertible Bike. From then on, Huffy made popular bikes, such as the Radio Bicycle, Dragster, Scout and Sigma.
Giant Gloss
Big-Time style and fun in a smaller package. This high-quality kid's multi-speed cruiser bike will spark their sense of adventure.
Giant XtC Jr 20 Lite
Lightweight and trail-ready, this little dirt shredder gives them multiple gears to tackle hills and a durable build that will keep up with their adventures. Built with a lightweight aluminum frame, lots of stand-over clearance, and easy-to-use gears, this is the rigid version (no front suspension) of the XtC Jr. family. With 20-inch wheels and smooth-rolling tires that can handle the trail, it’s a fun and stable way to get started on the trail.
Gary Fisher Tyro
When your youngster is ready for a go-anywhere ride, it's time for the Tyro! Its aluminum frame provides a light, agile ride with durability you can count on. And the suspension fork and big knobby tires soak up bumps over everything from potholes to tree roots. Plus it sports cool motorcycle-style twist shifters for finding the gears that make the neighborhood’s steepest hills easy.
Fuji Declaration
Declare your independence with Fuji's street-ready Declaration. This cool fixed-gear ride boasts a lightweight, quick-handling chromoly frame, lively aluminum wheels and a flip/flop rear wheel that lets you go fixie or freewheel. You also get powerful dual-pivot brakes, sweet Kenda tires and a comfy Fuji seat and retro grips.
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