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Hitch Installation

Transport your bikes with confidence

Hitch mounted bicycles racks are bar-none the safest, most secure and efficient way to get your bikes from point A to B. Unfortunately, trailer hitches are generally not stock-equipment on most cars. But not to worry, they can be installed on nearly every make and model of car out there!

We provide professional trailer hitch installation for most cars, and can help arrange installation for those we don't. Even better, our prices are WELL below what you would pay at your local car dealership. Once we've gotten your hitch installed, you'll be ready to take advantage of our wide array of available hitch-mounted bicycle racks.

Hitch Installation Time & Cost

Hitches typically arrive within 3-4 days after they have been ordered. While costs can vary, most vehicles have hitch options available for between $80-200. Installation for most cars will cost $40-100 (billed per 5 minutes at $72/hour). Hitch installation time can also vary, but anticipate most installations taking between 30-60 minutes.

Please visit our trailer hitch supply partner for current hitch prices and availability.

Hitch Installation Process:

  1. Contact us to discuss available trailer hitch options for your vehicle.
  2. We have the correct trailer hitch delivered to us from our partner etrailer.
  3. When the hitch arrives, we will contact you to schedule a time & date for your installation.
  4. Bring your car to our shop for your scheduled appointment, and we'll take care of the rest.
  5. If you are purchasing a bicycle rack from us for use with your new hitch, we'll assemble and install the rack during your appointment at no additional charge.

Contact us to schedule your hitch installation today.

Carry Those Bikes

Now that your car has been professionally outfitted with a trailer hitch, you're ready to haul some bikes. Check out some of our many hitch-mounted bicycle rack options.