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We are proud sponsors of both our local and regional NICA youth mountain biking programs. As former youth racers ourselves, we are big believers in promoting both riding and racing to our local high school and middle school aged riders. What we also know is how taxing cycling can become when you make the transition from just riding for sport to racing.

You, your equipment, endurance, riding/school time balance and your parent’s time and (unfortunately) wallet, can be put to the test. With all the good that can come from being a part of a NICA team, we want to help you out with the struggles of racing.

Check out our great deals we offer to all student athletes that are current members of a local NICA team. If you’re interested in joining a local team or starting your own, please check out the New York NICA League website for more information.

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Each NICA athlete is eligible to receive a 15% discount (off MSRP) on any new bike from all the brands we carry.

NICA athletes are eligible for big discounts on labor, we offer race-season discounts of 25-75% off on all our labor fees.

Parts, Accessories, Apparel & Nutrition:
NICA athletes are eligible an in-season discount of 15% off all parts, accessories, apparel and nutritional items.

NICA Terms & Conditions

  1. Bicycles purchased as part of our NICA program special must be for use in a registered NICA program by an active student athlete who is also properly and currently registered in a NICA team. Bicycles must meet NICA guidelines and must be for use either solely or primarily by the registered NICA athlete. Discount can only be applied once every two seasons. Bicycles purchased during or after the NICA race season must be used for a minimum of two complete NICA race seasons before the athlete is eligible to purchase another bike at the discounted rate. Discount applies to MSRP pricing of bikes, bicycles purchased on closeout or other in-store discount offer pricing will be sold either at the advertised discount price or with the NICA discount applied to the original MSRP, whichever is lower.
  2. Labor fees are discounted in-season only. We offer discounts during the remainder of the season for NICA athletes. Our labor discounts are intended to help keep NICA racer’s bicycles running during their training and races. Labor discount can only be applied to labor and/or services rendered on the equipment used by a registered NICA athlete in their NICA program. Labor discounts do not apply to other bikes owned or used by the NICA athlete during or after the NICA race season.
  3. Discounts for apparel, accessories, nutritional products and parts are subject to the same usage restrictions as our labor and bicycle offers. All discounted purchases must be for use by a registered NICA athlete during their race season and must be (where applicable) intended for use solely or primarily by a registered NICA athlete.
  4. Certain items are excluded from the discount program, these include tubes, GPS units (5-10% discount), helmet cameras (5-10% discount), car racks, child carriers, shipping fees, packing fees, night-riding light systems (5-10% discount), bulk nutritional purchases (offered at regular bulk discount only), most “keep at home” tools (5-10% discount, does not include floor pumps).
  5. Off-season discounts for NICA student athletes who compete in other USA Cycling events during the remainder of the riding season. Please contact us for more details.
  6. All offers are offered directly to current, registered NICA athletes who are part of a registered NICA program. We reserve the right to request proof of enrollment and/or race eligibility. We co-enforce any student athlete policies enforced by your local, regional and/or national NICA program. If you become ineligible to compete for any variety of reasons including, but not limited to, failure to maintain adequate educational standards (i.e. BAD GRADES), poor sportsmanship, scholastic insubordination, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently revoke all discount offers.
  7. Coaches and team volunteers are also eligible for discounts as part of our NICA program specials, please contact us for more details.

We directly sponsor our local Pleasantville MTB Team (local NICA organization), athletes who compete as part of this program are eligible for a different discount schedule. Please contact us or your coach for more information.