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Price Match Policy

We know cycling can be an expensive sport, trust us, it’s one of our own personal highest expenses. As such, we want to be fair to our customers and offer competitive prices. It can be tough for us too, there are simply too many sites and stores out there for us to keep track of who’s selling what for how much. That’s why our price match policy is largely in YOUR hands. All we need you to do is bring us or e-mail us a copy of where you saw one of our products listed for a lower cost, and we will match their price subject to our short and reasonable terms listed below.

Locally Available Items:

These are items are available from any retailer in a 30mi radius from us. Items must be in-stock and available for pickup from the discounting retailer within 5 business days. Where applicable, the correct size and color must be available from the discounting retailer. We will match the price on the same item as it is described by the discounting retailer for any in-stock or available special-order item.


Out-of-Region Items:

These are items listed online by a retailer greater than a 30mi radius from us. Items must be in-stock and available to ship from the discounting retailer within 7 business days. Where applicable, the correct size and color must be available from the discounting retailer. When the same product is available in-store or through special-order, we will match the discounting retailer’s price plus any applicable shipping fees being charged by the discounting retailer.


Out-of-Region Bicycles & Frames:

Bicycle Manufacturers set very strict rules regarding listing and shipping their complete bicycles and framekits online. When you see a product available online made by one of our partner brands (Giant Bicycles, Bianchi and Norco Bicycles), they are NOT available to be shipped. We understand that this can be confusing as many companies fail to make this clear on their website. The reason these restrictions are in place are to both help protect our industry (including your favorite local bike shop!) and the customers. Customers are protected because many folks who order bicycles online from less-scrupulous brands, often find themselves faced with assembling the bicycle themselves. We cannot stress enough, bicycles are very complex machines, and while certain types of bikes will be taking more abuse than others, all can result in serious injury, death or damage to equipment when not assembled properly.
Even so, we understand that it seems unfair to many when you see a lower price online than what we have in store. For all current model year bicycles that we have in stock or can special order, we will honor a discount of 60% of the difference between our price and any online competitors. We feel this is a fair compromise as you will still be saving shipping and assembly fees (which can often times account for an additional $200 in cost on shipped bicycles).
Previous model year bikes and frames (often referred to as “closeout” models) listed online that we are able to special order (many previous model-year bikes are in-store leftovers, not something that is still readily available from the manufacturer) or that we still have in stock in the same size and color as listed by the discounting retailer will have their price plus any applicable shipping fees from the discounting retailer matched.


Price-Match Restrictions and Notes:

All Price-Matched items cannot be combined with any other discounts. We will still honor our lifetime basic tune-up service guarantee on all Price-Matched items. When we are matching any item that would have to be shipped, your price-matched final offer price will incorporate any taxes and fees into the stated price offer. Items that are Locally Available that are being Price-Matched will still be subject to our local tax rate. Items being Price-Matched that are in-turn being shipped out will still be subject to all shipping and handling fees from our location to the provided ship-to address. As noted in the above policy, any product being Price-Matched must be being matched with the same product. This means the identical item must be the one offered for less elsewhere, same size, same color, same model-year, same everything. For example, we will not price match an medium in-stock bicycle we have that is on sale elsewhere in only the XXL size.
Please feel free to contact us with any Price-Match requests or questions you may have, we are ALWAYS more than happy to help!